Ramblin’ Rodarosa Grassfed Beef

Wholesome, healthy and safe food source

Not just grassfed or finished, but year-round pastured

Grass-fed Livestock Producer in Coleman, Texas. Proudly serving central and west Texas. Our cattle are free-ranging and grazing on native grass pastures free from hormones.

Ramblin’ Rodarosa Grassfed Beef is a small cow-calf operation with a goal to provide direct to families and restaurants local, grassfed beef raised year-round on grass pastures.  Customers can purchase one-fourth, one-half, three-fourths or as a whole.  Our desire is to produce a sustainable, locally-raised food source that the community can rely on as a healthy and reliable agricultural product.

Ramblin’ Rodarosa Grassfed Beef

Ramblin’ Rodarosa Grassfed Beef supports the growing movement helping people have ownership of their food supply – food sovereignty.  More and more people want to know where their food is grown and raised; they want to know that it is safe.

Welcome to our Ranch!

Locally-raised Beef Castle
Grassfed &Year-Round Pastured
Veteran Woman-Owned
Beginning RancHER
Healthy & Wholesome Food

Hear From Our Customers

"We love getting our meat from Melissa.   It is such a reasonable price for free-range grass-fed beef. We will continue to get our meat from her!"
- Daley, Arlington -
"We are very happy with the meat. It tastes much better and fresher than store bought! It’s nice knowing exactly where your food comes from!"
- Kati, Leander -