Ramblin’ Rodarosa Grassfed Beef

Wholesome, healthy and safe food source

Ramblin’ Rodarosa Grassfed Beef

We are livestock producers in Silver Valley, Texas. My husband and I started Ramblin’ Rodarosa 5 years ago and this was our dream. We believe in producing safe, pasture-raised beef that is free from hormones and local. We believe that everyone should have access to good quality food and to know where it is coming from. That is why we started Ramblin’ Rodarosa Grassfed Beef.

We hope to be a source for local individuals, restaurants and food supplies and to provide people with the quality beef that they deserve. Shouldn’t everyone know where their food is coming from?

Our vision is to safely and properly provide grass-fed beef to individuals, restaurants and food suppliers in West Texas.

Ramblin’ Rodarosa Grassfed Beef supports the growing movement helping people have ownership of their food supply – food sovereignty.  More and more people want to know where their food is grown and raised; they want to know that it is safe.

Sadly, a lot of food products are labeled ineffectively and at times, falsely.  Because of the misuse in product labeling and the lack of a standardized labeling process, there are a lot of options available when buying beef.  Even “grassfed” doesn’t truly mean that animals are fed grass year-round.  In fact, it may only mean that they are “grass-finished.”  Most labels don’t tell the whole story!  For us, grassfed means just that – in the pasture, grazing for the whole life of our cattle.

Labels can be deceiving – even misleading.  Did you know that the method of finishing of cattle can vary greatly and influence the quality and nutritional value of beef products?  Grassfed can mean a lot of things, and the verbiage can be confusing and misleading.  Initially, my intent was to produce grassfed beef, but then I learned that grassfed can mean feeding hay in a confined space of a feedlot to “finish” a steer before slaughter.  I may be a beginning rancher, but I know I don’t want to eat that!  As a start-up, I know that branding is important, and I need to ensure the right information is communicated clearly in my marketing and to the consumer.

Our Qualifications